Jeff is one of the premier wedding photographers in the country.
This is why Jeff & Alicia are one of the best choices to photograph your wedding at the MSU Alumni Chapel.
Please take the time to scroll & look at the 10 photos on this
page and read the descriptions.
You will see the difference.
There is the well-trained experienced professional photographer
who is passionate about what we do.
Then there is a new style of photographer today that offers a great price but cannot duplicate the well-trained pro-photographer because they do not
have knowledge of their own equipment.
They do not have knowledge of lighting, or how to use a camera in manual modes.
Some try to learn more while many are just pushing a button.
Scroll down to view the photos on this page.
It will explain why knowledge of light and equipment is so important.
These are 2 chapel classics.
The photo on the right has been a request for many years.
It takes knowledge of manual settings to get the silhouette while still showing color in the background instead of bright white light.
The photo on the left can only be duplicated by an experienced pro with the right equipment .
Both are nice photos but which photo really brings out the beauty of the MSU Alumni Chapel?
Just a great capture of a great moment.
Jeff does an excellent job of photographing moments like these.
During the ceremony.
Notice the light coming from the left instead of pointing the flash straight at the subjects. Add a well lit background.  
From the rear of the chapel.
The correct approach really brings out the beauty of the chapel in this photo and the photo below.
Sparty & the Beaumont Tower at night.
Try this with your Nikon Coolpix or Canon Rebel
The 2 photos below offer the perfect example of why you need an experienced photographer with pro-level equipment.
Notice the background of the photo on the left is quite dark                    where the photo on the right the background is well lit.
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