A stunning and intense composition. Really creative and what a loving thought. How appropriate to have been taken shortly before the wedding. The shot of the groom in itself would have been good. Such a nice composition. I really like this one. What a keepsake!

I like the artistic aspect of the photo..the composition is wonderful..you have named it well..the detail in the mans face is there and I like the way you have dof on him yet you allow her to be placed in such a way that I can see this as his image or what he thinks off..I am not sure I would have thought of doing what you did but I think it is a wonderful example of the artistic and shows how photography can bring to both worlds..I like your feeling from this..really neat

Very cool image. I like the overlay effect and the wispiness of the color image. It gives it a dreamlike quality. The double exposure came out well. Thanks for sharing.

In my Minds Eye
I love photoshop for the artistry that can be brought to photographs in a short period of time. It used to take a lot of precision planning to do this in film.
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